NYSC WAEC VERIFICATION PIN (For Correction of NYSC DOB and Results Verification)

NYSC WAEC VERIFICATION PIN (For Correction of NYSC DOB and Results Verification) | Genuine Pins

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It is no longer news that many graduates and PCMs encounter problems such as wrong capture of their Date of Birth during mobilization on their NYSC Dashboards.  Many times, this throws them into a state of confusion as to what to do next.  If this is you, fret no more.  It's not your fault that a wrong Date of Birth was captured for you.  I understand that you just have to find a way to correct this wrong Date of Birth so it doesn't reflect on your NYSC Certificate.  I've got goodnews for you.  All you need is a Waec Verification Pin.  With a Waec Verification Pin, you can correct this wrong date of birth.  You just have to buy an NYSC Waec Verification Pin.  Now let me explain how it works.


How A Waec Verification Pin Works

The NYSC Waec Verification Pin is a combination of several numbers to make unique personal identification number (PIN) which is used to verify Waec Results, and also correct NYSC Date of Birth.  Now, NYSC fetches your data (your Date of Birth in particular) from your Waec Result which they presume should be correct and uses it to replace the wrong one on your NYSC Dashboard, after you submit a request.  So you must ensure your Waec Result reads your correct Date of Birth before proceeding with this procedure.

If you are certain that hte Date of Birth on your Waec O-level result is correct, the next step is to buy a Waec Verification Pin, or as it is popularly called, an NYSC Waec Verification Pin.  Let me show you how.


How to Buy Waec Verification Pin Online

1.  Visit www.genuinepins.com.  Let me introduce you to Genuine Pins.  You can't go wrong with Genuine Pins.  As the name implies, every pin you buy on this site is genuine and valid.

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see NYSC WAEC Verification Pin.  Click on BUY NOW. 

3.  Make payment.  Payment is easy and flexible.  You pay can pay via Transfer or Debit Card.  And payment is secured by PAYSTACK and FLUTTERWAVE.

4.  Your Verification Pin is instantly displayed on the Screen and sent to your Email after payment.  

5.  Copy the PIN you bought from Genuine Pins.  Go to your NYSC Dashboard to complete your change of DOB process.


How to Correct Date of Birth on NYSC Dashboard

1.  Log on to your NYSC Dashboard.

2.  Click on Change DOB (WAEC) at the bottom of the page.

3.  Enter the Pin you bought from Genuine Pins.

4.  Submit Request.

5.  Congratulations.  You are done with the process.


Note:  It takes 3-7 days for the correction to be effected by NYSC upon submission of your request.

Now click on the BUY NOW button below to begin the process of correcting your Date of Birth.